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Watermelon Peperomia/Peperomia Sandia

The Watermelon Peperomia is  a small plant that  is native to South America and is popular for its  silver and green foliage that closely resembles a watermelon.  This plant does produce flowers but they are not very showy and not the most attractive part of the plant. This plant is easy to care for and will grow well indoors making it a good choice for your indoor plant collection.  

Watermelon peperomias enjoy plenty of bright to medium indirect sunlight, but avoid giving them direct sunlight.    Place it near a window that gets indirect light throughout the day. 

Keep watering consistant. Do not over water as this can cause damage to the roots.  Avoid underwatering as well as this can stress the plant and cause it to wilt.   Water the peperomia once the topsoil is dry to the touch, or about once per week. 

Use a  good quality, well draining soil to pot your peperomia.    They also like a mixture of peat moss and perlite in the soil as it drains well and helps to hold some moisture.

Fertilize this plant with a diluted liquid fertilizer during the growing period in summer about once per month.  

This is a slow growing plant and does not require repotting very often, about every 3-4 years. 

Non-toxic to cats and dogs.