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Bunny Ear Cactus/ Polka Dot Cactus/ Opuntia

The bunny ear is a shrub-like cactus isthe small cousin of the Prickly Pear Cactus and is  native to Mexico and parts of  the southern USA. It is made up of a series of oval-shaped  pads that can spread up to 152 cm wide. It does well in dry climates. 

This cactus is covered in tiny prickles that come off easily with contact.  Be careful when handling this plant. It might have a cute name, but it's prickles are a real pain. 

The bunny ear cactus likes full sun.  If you are growing this indoors, place the cactus close to a bright window that receives several hours of sunlight per day.   

Water  regularly during the first year of growth, keeping the soil somewhat moist. This will help the roots  to develop better.  Afterwards, water less frequently, when the soil is completely dry, about every week or two. 


Use well-draining  sandy cactus soil  and repot every 2 years. 

Fertilize once monthly, with a low nitrogen fertilizer.  Do not fertilize during the winter months. 

Due to it's large amount of small fine needles, it is advised to keep away from pets and small children.