Crown of thorns.png
Crown of Thorns/Corona de Cristo

Crown of thorns is  a flowering plant that is native to Madagascar. It is a type of succulent plant from the Euphorbia family.   It is a great plant for beginners as it is very forgiving with care-taking mistakes. It comes in many varieties that produce various coloured flowers in red, pink, white or yellow. 

This plant loves the sun. Put it in a place that receives as much bright light as possible. This will keep it flowering for longer periods of time and will keep the colour of the blooms much more vibrant. 

It prefers dry air over humid environments.

Water  when the  first few inches of the top soil have dried out ( about every week or so).  Give it a good watering through and wait for the soil to dry again before the next watering. 

Crown of thorns like sandy, well-draining soil.  A mixture of peat, sand and soil is normally used. Repot your crown of thorns one pot size up every 3 years. 

This plant has a toxic milk made of latex. Avoid contact with skin, and ingestion.  Handle plant with care. Use gloves when transplanting. Keep out of reach of small animals and children.