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Candalabra Cactus/Cadelanbro/Euphorbia

Euphorbia Lactea is native to Asia, mainly India. This shrub can grow up to 5m tall. It has spiny ridged branches that bend out to the sides, giving it a candelabra appearance.

The plant contains a milky toxic latex, therefore great care must be taken when handling this cactus.  

Euphorbias are easy to care for, making them great indoor plants. 

They require well draining soil and plenty of  bright indirect sunlight.  Use a good quality cactus soil or orchid mix. 


ater weekly during the summer months, or when the first few inches of the top soil are dry. Water throughly. Do not allow the plant to sit in a dish of water as this could cause root rot.  Do not overwater. During the winter months, reduce watering by half (every two weeks).  Make sure to allow the top soil to dry out in between waterings.

Toxic to pets and  small children. Handle with care. Avoid getting the milky latex on skin.