Fishbone cactus.png


Fishbone Cactus - Cactus Esqueleto - Ric Rac

The Fishbone cactus is an epiphytic plant that can grow in low soil situations. It is part of the night blooming cactus family and can rarely produce blooms that last only a day. It has long trailing stems, making them a beautiful plant to display in a basket or on a shelf. 


Plant your fishbone cactus in a  light, well draining mixture such as orchid soil or cactus blend. 


While the fishbone cactus can tolerate some periods of sun, it is happiest in  indirect light conditions, making it a really great indoor plants. Water every week or two when the top soil is dry.  In Winter months or rainy season, reduce watering by half. Fertilize twice a year in Spring and Fall  using a cactus or orchid fertilizer. 


The fishbone cactus is non-toxic to cats and dogs.