old man cactus.png
Old Man Cactus / Cabeza De Viejito

The Old Man Cactus is a great houseplant as it is easy to grow and adds interesting  texture and  shape to an indoor garden. It is native to Mexico and prefers  hot, dry and bright conditions.  In the wild they can grow up to 15 meters tall and live up to 200 years.

The old man cactus requires little watering and can tolerate watering neglect.   It is recommended to water all the way through, only once the first few inches of the topsoil are very dry. Reduce watering all together during the winter months. 

This is a very slow-growing cactus and can be kept in relatively small containers.  

Use a good quality well-draining cactus soil and fertilize using a weak solution twice during the summer season.  

The old man cactus can produce a flower, however, this is very rare, especially indoors.