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Calathea Freddie

The Calathea Freddie prefers medium to bright indirect light.  Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn and the leaf colours to fade.

Keep the soil damp, but never wet or saturated. Do not allow the soil to completely  dry out, however, the top of the soil should be dry to the touch before watering. Extended periods of dryness can result in brown leaf tips or edges. Overwatering will cause the plant to wilt.  It can recover from this but it will take time. 

Calatheas are tropical plants that thrive in a humid environment, making them ideal plants for bathrooms.  Brown edges on the leaves indicate the air is too dry. Mist the leaves twice per week with room temperature water.  

This plant enjoys the warmth, preferably between 18-30 degrees celsius. Maintain indoor temperatures above 16 degrees celsius and avoid cold drafts and sudden temperature changes.  

Do not use shine on the leaves. Clean occasionally  with a damp cloth.

Calathea Freddie is safe for pets and humans