Begonia care.png
Rex Begonia

`Rex Begonias are most known for their colourful foliage and abundant varieties.  While Begonias can be challenging at times, a bit of plant care knowledge will help you keep them thriving and looking beautiful.

 Rex Begonias  can adapt to various lighting conditions but do not like direct sunlight.  They prefer bright, indirect  light and can even do well under fluorescents. 

Begonias prefer a wide shallow pot to allow their rhizomes to spread  easily.


Begonias like a  warm, humid environment, but do not like to be overwatered.  It is best to water your begonia once the leaves and stems start to droop slightly or when the first 3 inches of top soil is dry to the touch. 


Begonias like a soil mixture that allows for good drainage.  Never let  your begonia sit in a pool of water. This will cause the salts from the soil and water to be re-absorbed in to the roots and cause damage to the leaves. 

Avoid getting any water on the leaves as this will damage the foliage. 

If you have hard water, try watering your begonias with filtered water or pour water into a container and allow the water to sit overnight before watering your plant.